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We assist you on your business trip to China

Support in China

There are many risks involved in importing, which is why it is important to use the services of a company specialising in imports, such as Inasia. Inasia offers several tailor-made services to their clients, namely:

  • Assistance in China, as soon as you arrive
  • Interpretation, China
  • Chinese-French translation
  • Legal Assistance China
  • Office Service China,
  • Visits to China factories/plants
  • Visit to China's International Exhibition
  • Specific product sourcing mission
  • Product development OEM and ODM

Chinese wholesaler: accompaniment on arrival

France-China importers enjoy a significant advantage when working with our import company from China. As soon as they arrive on Chinese soil, they benefit from a service adapted to their requirements.

Inasia masters the functioning of international trade in China and South East Asia. Our team has the necessary capabilities to make your business trip a success.

Inasia can pick you up upon arrival at the airport, look for accommodation, organize meetings and business trips, as well as visiting or participating in events in China. Iansia can prepare in advance your stay in China to optimize your time during your business trip.

Assigning a translator

Inasia can also assign you an interpreter to facilitate your missions in China. Our import company has a team composed of several specialists. Among them are interpreters who speak French as well as Chinese and who know the culture of the country. This second point is important as cultural shocks and communication problems are most often at the root of the commercial problems that may be encountered between Chinese suppliers and French buyers. Our presence in China for more than 10 years and the recognised professionalism of our teams has enabled us to establish a relationship based on trust with our factories, suppliers and customers.

Our professionals perform several other functions related to translation, which is essential for importing. They participate in negotiations with suppliers as translators. Their presence limits misunderstandings during business discussions. They transpose documents written in the local language into the importer's language and vice versa. In addition to interpreting services, as a professional in Import China France, our team offers other tailor-made services to our clients, including legal support.  

Help in the legal procedures of Import China-France

Legal assistance is important for Import China-France.

It allows you to benefit from the support of an expert who masters the legislation in force in case of dispute.

Inasia assures you the supervision of the import process, the drafting of the necessary documents to import in France, the calculation of your cost prices.

We establish for each order a detailed sales contract, including the delivery time and all the characteristics of your order.

We guarantee the implementation of agreements with our factories and forwarding agents.

Product and design choices

In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, China-France importers most often wish to import products with their own brand.

Our China import company offers you a design service to develop ranges with your brand (OEM range) or according to your design (ODM range).

For importers who do not have a design department, Inasia offers branding, logo, packaging design services.

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