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Our guarantee: 100% Quality Control in China

Quality control is our core business

The key to success for your imports lies in an irreproachable quality control.

From the choice of the product to the choice of the factory, the supplier, the follow-up of the production, the packaging, the standards, the loading of the container, the export documents, all these stages must be rigorously validated to ensure you successful imports.

In order to validate this rigorous quality control, Inasia is in charge of:

  • Factory audit
  • Validation of the pre-production sample
  • Validation of standards
  • Control during production
  • Production output control
  • Loading supervision

Audits during all stages of production

Inasia is committed to providing its customers with quality products.

To achieve this, unlike many sourcing offices in China, we are a full-fledged supplier and not a factory agent.

We audit factories/plants to assess their production capacity both technically and industrially.

A social (child labour) and tax audit is carried out to ensure the solidity of the factory and the respect of labour laws.

Once these audits have been validated, Inasia positions itself as the sole principal towards the factory.

Our internal quality control teams then ensure the follow-up and the smooth running of production until the loading of the goods.

Qualified specialists in Import China France

Our import company in China has several employees who know the Chinese market inside out. They are familiar with European and international quality standards. These experts have the necessary skills to check the conformity of the products with the specifications. They offer guarantees in case of fraud. In addition, they are able to produce a weekly summary of production and describe how it is managed. The specialists who work with Inasia are versatile and qualified. They are multilingual and can communicate fluently with producers and buyers. Indeed, our company can offer complete and adapted services to French buyers in the import sector in China.

Services tailored to French-speaking buyers

Our import company in China is the sole supplier to importers. By positioning itself as a single supplier, it allows for a simplification of exchanges between all stakeholders for a better understanding of each one's requirements.

We provide you with communication in your own language, assign you an account manager, advise you on the range of products you are looking for, guarantee that you will receive products that correspond to your market and your expectations, guarantee all export procedures and ensure that customs clearance is carried out smoothly on arrival.

The guarantee of import into China

The primary objective of our import company in China is to enable buyers to find quality products that meet their expectations.

Inasia is committed to ensuring meticulous quality controls by involving its teams at all stages of the order process.

All our collaborators are professionals mastering the particularities of China France Import. By collaborating with our purchasing office, you have access to reliable and audited factories, import products that comply with your requests and specifications and benefit from the advice of our experts.

Importing with Inasia means importing in complete safety.

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