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Transportation and logistics from China

By definition, the role of a logistics service provider is to manage the flow of goods from point A to point B.

He or she is in charge of the entire part of transporting the goods in complete safety.

Inasia takes care of:

Its department dedicated to logistics:

  • Management of the shipment of goods by containers.
  • Maritime or air booking,
  • China export formalities,
  • Packing List,
  • Certificate of fumigation,
  • Certificate of Origin,
  • Statement of Compliance,
  • Checking product standards,
  • Documentary package Import.

Import safely with Inasia


The issue of transport in import China France

Calling on a transport specialist in China makes it easier to transport goods to France.

An expert, like Inasia, puts all its transport know-how at the disposal of its customers.

Inasia can ensure the transport of goods from the factory to its customer's warehouses.

Inasia can choose between sea or air freight depending on the needs of its customer.

Sea freight allows to transport large volumes with rates that remain affordable, but the time to get to France is around 40 days. Air transport allows to save time on routing but it has two major disadvantages which are the volumes imported and the financial cost which remains very high.

All Inasia's experience and know-how in China France Import logistics allows us to optimize the financial costs related to transport and thus participate in the success of these exports.

Logistics, another mission of the Chinese import company

The crucial point of a successful China-France Import is the good management of logistics, indeed the latter is often neglected whereas it plays a major role in the optimization of the financial costs related to this activity.

Inasia can take care of this pre-shipment logistics. Inasia has a licence to export, proving once again its professionalism and seriousness.

Our warehouses allow us to offer you a groupage service and thus allow the consolidation of several goods in a single container and thus optimize your logistics costs.

Inasia, takes care of all the documentary part essential to any importation. For customers wishing to import into France, it is essential to be able to provide all the documents necessary for customs clearance in France. This list of mandatory documents is managed by Inasia in order to facilitate the importation of its customer.

Documents such as the Packing List, Certificate of Fumigation, Certificate of Origin, Statement of Compliance, Verification of Product Standards, Import Documentation Package, remain essential elements for the establishment of the customs clearance file requested by customs on arrival.

Well-managed logistics at departure can lead to economies of scale of up to 35%.

Transport and logistics costs resonated

Inasia, the specialist in China-France import is an essential partner to minimize transport costs, which allows its customers to optimize the costs related to its imports.

Its great experience and knowledge of domestic transport in China allows to optimize the costs that can be linked to the grouping of goods and thus offer economies of scale for centralized deliveries.

This optimization approach in transport and logistics allows its customers to optimize the cost of their goods.

All these operations are only possible with a total investment of our teams specialised in international trade legislation and dedicated to this transport and logistics activity.

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