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Packaging in China and product development

Our packaging and repackaging offer

The packaging of a product is a communication medium that ensures the visibility of a brand. Its choice is part of the sales and marketing strategy. Its purpose is to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to consume.

Most factories or suppliers in China attach little importance to packaging and on the other hand, there is no product on the market with French packaging.

Buyers are very often concentrated on the choice of product and they often overlook the packaging, which is an essential element in the sale of the product depending on the distribution channel.

By collaborating with an import company in China, such as Inasia, it is possible to sell its products with its own packaging.

We can assist you to develop your own OEM brand, develop specific packaging, write user manuals, ... thanks to our team of French designers to meet the expectations of your market.

Offering a well packaged product allows you to reach your customer targets and duplicate your sales.


Our import company offers you:


Inasia brings its expertise from the French retail market.

Required information

As far as the required information is concerned, our company will accompany you and provide you with its know-how.


From the employment notice, to the editing instructions, we take care of the translation of the various documents.

The intervention of designers of the import company in China

The mission of our designers is to give shape to the packaging of products found by our Chinese trading office.

To do so, they must, at the same time, be able to take several points into account.

Their role is not simply to package an object, but to adapt its packaging to the distribution channel in the destination market.

For example, a product that will be sold in a supermarket or on an e-commerce site will not have the same specifications.

The packaging will also have to comply with the handling rules at destination by making sure that it does not exceed the maximum authorised weight.

They also create its identity as well as that of the brand that distributes it. Indeed, they must try to get a message across by choosing the right materials, shape and design. These professionals must think about manufacturing standards, especially environmental and safety standards. Finally, they must consider the values of the distributor and the expectations of consumers.

In order to succeed in its packaging for Import China France, it is necessary to collaborate with competent and qualified designers. Inasia China works with experienced professionals capable of carrying out the tasks you entrust to us. This one masters the standards to be respected for the choice of cardboard dedicated to export.

Customized packaging

Compliance with standards

Fast delivery

Export cartons conforming to the standards of Import China France

In order to ensure the Import China France, it is necessary to choose transport resistant packaging. The goods can travel by plane for more than 12 hours, by boat for more than 30 days or by train for 15 days to reach the 11,000 kms which separate China from France.

The choice of packaging is an important quality criterion for exporting products from China.

Inasia makes sure that your goods transit in export boxes strong enough for a good delivery to your warehouse.

It is also important to ensure that no wood packaging is used unless your goods are fumigated or approved pallets are used.

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